Why I’m here….

I am a mature  student on the second year of an A.S. photography course. This blog has been created for my personal study course work,  but I intend to continue adding features in the future.

I am fascinated by the often overlooked patterns, textures and colours  (formal elements ) of everyday objects both organic and mass produced.  I will be taking a brief look at the history of abstract macro photography and will then examine the work  and techniques of one of my favourite   fine art macro photographers,  Sharon Johnstone.  I hope to include an interview with her,  providing information about her inspirations and the techniques she uses to take her abstract macro photographs of oil and water,  ( See http://sjfinearts.com ).

I have followed Sharon’s techniques to take a series of my own oil and water macro photographs.  Both sets of photographs (before and after examination of techniques ) will be featured and constructive comments are welcomed.

Oil & water 1 image

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