New Oil and Water photo shoot

I have created another Water and Olive Oil collection of photographs. These are based on the techniques described by Sharon Johnstone in her interview.

I’ve experimented with different apertures, shutter speeds and light settings, and I would really appreciate it, if you could support my study by answering some questions about my work. There is a section on formal elements. These are the details/characteristics which are the dominant feature of a photograph. It would be helpful if you refer to some of these in your comments.

Many thanks Dawn

Olive Oil and Water

Image 1


What do you consider to be the main formal element (s) in this composition?

Image 2


What does this photograph make you think of?

Image 3


What do you consider as the main formal element in this composition? Also what does this photograph make you think of?

Image 4


Image 5


Images 4 and 5. These two images come from the same initial photograph. I centred and cropped them around different areas of the original. Which do you like best, and why?

General Questions

How do you think I achieved these images?

What materials and processes did I use?

How would you describe this type of photography?

Do these images remind you of any other photographers’ or artists’


What did you like about these images?

Is there anything you didn’t like about these images?



Glossary of photographic terms

Formal elements: these are “characteristics” or features of a photograph, which are used to describe the composition. I have included here the formal elements which I think will be useful to you when commenting upon my work.

Colour: this differentiates and defines lines, shapes, forms and space.

Line: is used to create more complex shapes to lead your eye from one area in the composition into another.

Shape: As well as being basic geometric shapes such as circles etc. they can be organic shapes which are irregular and found in nature.

Form: these are three dimensional shapes with lengths, width and depth. E.g. spheres, pyramids etc.

Texture: This is the surface quality that can be seen and felt.

Pattern: is the repetition of shape, form or texture across a painting or photograph.

Movement: is the way the viewer’s eye is directed through a composition. This can be directed by lines, contrasting shapes or colours within the image.