Pierre Carreau – Fine Art Photographer

I was stopped in my tracks when I stumbled across the beautiful and emotive work of Pierre Carreau. This Fine Art photographer captures the energy and beauty of one of the planet’s most powerful forces of nature, the sea.
He focuses upon individual waves both large and small, highlighting their sculptural form. Carreau comments on his AquaViva images saying “Water is amazing……basically it has no colour, but through reflection and refraction it can possess all of them, the entire spectrum.” (Taken from an interview with Colossal).

Carreau successfully achieves his aim to show the paradox of power and fragility and “transfers the wave’s energy to those who view them. “. I am fascinated by the repetitive patterns of the ice like sculpted waves and the visceral spray of water emerging when the waves break.

Powerful Waves Photographed by Pierre Carreau

Liquid Sculptures: Waves Photographed by Pierre Carreau 

About the Photographer

Carreau originally lived near Paris and was brought up under the influence of a very arty family. This included painters, sculptors and a photographer. However he initially worked in the I.T. sector after graduating with a Business degree.
His artistic nature led him back to photography and he began to take action shots for Kite surf magazines. During this time he became fascinated with the water itself, and began an exciting voyage trying to capture it’s energy and beauty through the lens. He was able to devote himself to this after moving to the Caribbean Island of Saint Barthélemy with his family in 2004.

Methods Used

Carreau gave little away about the techniques he used to capture these inspiring images when interviewed by the Colossal . However , he comments that he focuses upon how light interacts with water at different angles, and sat at  different times of the day. He took hundreds of shots to catch the right moment, and says that “Digital photography and the best camera /lens are absolutely necessary to create my images.”

Visit his work here, and the brilliant Colossal here.

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