Sit Down

On a recent visit to the Manchester Art Gallery I was attracted to an object in which I saw an example of abstract art. The two photographs I’ve taken of Mathias Bengtsson’s Splice Aluminium Chair try to capture the abstract forms I found so pleasing. Mathias Bengtsson is a Danish furniture designer who creates everyday furniture such as  tables and chairs that look like sculptures.

Slice Aluminium ChairIn an interview I read, he said “I don’t count myself as a product designer.Furniture is just a platform or medium to present my ideas and framework to build from.”. He uses materials ranging from cardboard to aluminium and fibre carbon. Slice Alinium Chair

I hope you like these images as much as I do and go and see the the real “McCoy ” at the Manchester Art Gallery if you get the chance.   Slice Aliminium Chair

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