“I can’t imagine going a day without photographing something….” Eileen Worman

I am so excited to showcase the amazing work of Eileen Worman from beautiful Wisconsin, USA. Her photography brilliantly captures the stunning colours and features of the natural landscape which are so inviting, and are an escape after a busy day at work. Eileen has a keen eye for the wildlife which surrounds her, ranging from a rich collection of birds, to coyotes. She also skillfully captures these subjects against dramatic, technicolored and brooding  skies giving atmosphere and a wonderful insight into another world. Eileen wonderfully sees the patterns and beauty in the less obvious parts of nature such as frozen ice on the window. All of these attributes drew me to her work on flickr.


Sunset:  Eileen Worman


Eileen in her own words….

I think of myself as an opportunist regarding photography. I tend to shoot what I happen upon as the day goes along, or as I’m out and about looking for something to catch my eye. I try to be available to shoot early in the morning and around sunset time because the light and atmosphere lends itself to create interesting looking images.


Crane: Eileen Worman

Five years ago, when we lived on nearby Lake Sinissippi, I documented a season of the nesting Bald Eagles there. I published a book about them and some of the other birds on the lake, titled Birds of Lake Sinissippi. I intended it for my family who had asked for something more formal from me, but ended up printing around 125 copies that were sold in a little shop in the town where the lake is, Hustisford, WI. People who lived on the lake were happy to buy it as a keepsake about the birds there. It’s not my best work, but it was a little adventure. (Check here  http://www.blurb.com/books/1622738-birds-of-lake-sinissippi if you want to have a look Dawn)


Sunset: Eileen Worman

My husband Matt, our son Matthew and I live in a rural farming community in Lebanon, Wisconsin. We have a small house on a hill, overlooking 40 acres, most of which is wetland, including a meadow and lots of trees and shrubs, as well. The natural landscape and ponds attract all kinds of wildlife, including a huge variety of bird species. In the five years we’ve lived here, we’ve seen 147 bird species. Of course we have lots of White-tailed Deer and many other mammals, like mink, muskrats, raccoons, groundhogs, red foxes and coyotes enjoying the habitat. A Union Pacific train track runs along our northern border, giving me opportunities to photograph trains fairly regularly. I am a bit of a weather geek, too, and love shooting interesting cloud formations, sundogs, sun pillars, eclipses, sunsets and sunrises, lightning and thunderstorms


Backyard: Eileen Worman

I’m fascinated by the frosty formations that occur on our windows and like to photograph them up close. My husband is a great cook and I love to bake, so I’ve been photographing our tasty results on occasion. I’m surrounded by farms and love to capture their beauty, too. I do a majority of my shooting right at home…and many times when I set out to do photography, I stumble upon something I never expected to see, which is always fun.


Frost: Eileen Worman


Breakfast: Eileen Worman

I did have some formal training in fine art photography, earning an Associate’s Degree from the Milwaukee Center for Photography back in 1985. There I used a 4×5 view camera and most of the work was done in black & white. I especially loved shooting candids on the streets in downtown Milwaukee and I also enjoyed photographing architecture. I can’t imagine going a day without photographing something, it’s just in my nature to do so.
Farmhouse: Eileen Worman
A big thanks to Eileen for sharing her inviting images and giving us an insight into the stunning world she lives in.If you would like to view more of her work you can check here https://www.flickr.com/photos/beanheadwisconsin/with/26219277355/
All photographs in this post copyright Eileen Worman 2016

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