“Macro is My First Love…”Suus de Waal

I am delighted this month to share the gorgeous art of Suus de Waal from the Netherlands, who I follow on Flickr. I was lured to Suus’ stunning macro images which beautifully capture textures, colours, patterns, form and shapes in everyday objects which most of us would be oblivious to.

Suus isolates these details by using interesting angles and soft lighting, to create minimal, conceptual and abstract compositions. This soft light gives her images a sense of quietness and also emphasises the beautiful form and textures of the object. She also skilfully uses the light to form shadows and blur which again creates a focus upon the chosen details of the object.

It is Suus use of light combined with her creative vision that makes her art so amazing  to the eye and also has a sense of mindfulness making you really look at the image….get ready and enjoy.


In the Spotlight – Suus de Waal

“Just a piece of  cotton thread  with a light in the back”

Suus in her own words…..

I’m a self-taught photographer … I learn from mistakes and critics from other photographers. In the past few years I discovered I work at my best if I experiment and if there’s a deadline.
I love conceptual assignments, idea’s pop up and when I get started I always come up with something else than the original thought. It is the process I go through that I love most, I have the camera in my hand every day and don’t leave home without it.

LIMG_9056_lr      Up or Down Or Not  – Suus de Waal

“Shot in a museum for modern arts as part of a piece called the Wonder Chambers … it is miniature”

‘Macro is my first love, I adore photographing with the lens wide open. My latest photo is always my best, I’m learning every day and liking it more and more.
I once read a quote that really stuck with me … “if people ask me what gear I use I respond with … my eyes” … I can totally relate to that !’


Welcome to the Silky Way – Suus de Waal

” This is just plastic , edited with Faststone software to get this nice deep blue colour”



Scratch  Suus de Waal

“On low tide at the beach, edited with Nik software …….. it reminded me of a scratch a cat can give you.”


You and Me  – Suus de Waal

” The assignment was “chiaroscuro” (painting with light) I shot this at the special dance school I’m volunteering in for people with a mental disability … it made icon of the week in the 52 group on Flickr 🙂 I’m very proud of this one, not only was it great for the assignment, but the two people were dancing so beautifully together ”


Backstage  – Suus de Waal

” Backstage … these are old plastic fly curtain doors .”

A massive thanks to Suus for agreeing to share her spectacular images

That’s the end of the show folks but if you have been inspired and would like to see more of Suus’s spectacular images check out https://www.flickr.com/photos/neurosheep/


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