“Colour Is A Power Which Directly Influences The Soul” Wassily Kandinsky

I have always loved the colour blue with its different tones and shades. It inspires me, makes me happy, thoughtful and calm…..unless when worn by a certain football team now being managed by the amazing Pep Guardiola…anyway back to art and photography,  (but Pep is an art lover).

I recently read a wonderful book by Will Gompertz called ‘What Are You Looking At ? 150 Years Of Modern Art In The Blink Of An Eye’ and was inspired by a chapter about Der Blaue Reiter group of artists. This inspired me to take a series of abstract photographs focussing  on the colour blue, but first a bit of background.

These 20th century abstract Artists included Franz Mark, August Macke, Schoenberg but it was Delaunay and Wassily Kandinsky who were the most influential.

Kandinsky believed; “..colours have powers that influence the soul-colour is the keyboard,the eyes are the hammers, the soul is is the piano with many strings.The Artist is the hand that plays, touching one key ore another to course vibrations in the soul “  Kandinsky Concerning The Spirutual In Art.

While listening to a score of music by Schoenberg at the Bolshi Theatre in Moscow, Kandinsky saw different colours, and it was that experience which led to his radical theories about abstract art. This new concept was called Orphism named after the Greek poet and musician.Kandinsky became motivated to create abstract art which could evoke different emotions and the imagination like that of  instrumental music .










Houses of Murnau -Kandinsky 1909









Improvisation 4 1909 – Kandinsky










Composition VII 1913 – Kandinsky










Study, Squares with Concentric Circles  1913- Kandinsky


Kandinsky and his fellow Artists believed that blue was a symbolic colour……

  • saturated with unique spiritual qualities
  • “synthesise” the inner nature of things
  • Feelings unconscious mind with the external world and the universe

And now my Blaue……


   Mr P’s Beautiful Blues



    Visions Of Blue






     “Oh You’ve Got Blue Eyes “



   Messed Up World


I hope these photographs have inspired you and also made you think about if or how different colours effect you, and can visual  art have the same emotional and creative impact on you as music……erm?

Further information can be found at http://www.wassilykandinsky.net/year-1913.php

What Are You Looking At ? 150Years Of Modern Art In The Blink Of An Eye – William Gompertz

Concerning The Spiritual In Art – Wassily Kandinsky










Mr P’s Beautiful Blues

“Photography To Me Is An All Consuming Passion That I Couldn’t Live Without. “

This month I am excited to be sharing the beautiful photography of Charlotte Hedman, who is an artist I follow on Flickr. Charlotte’s work includes portraits and landscapes but it is her amazing macro images which I adore most. These intricate structures of nature are presented in a simple and unpretentious way which brings calm and pleasure to the eye.

Charlotte skilfully focuses on textures, colour,  patterns and form, which are underlined by reflection, water,  and dream like bokeh lighting.

Her images present both subtle colours and bold contrasts. The soft colour tones create a sense of peace and appreciation of nature, while the bold contrast perfectly emphasises the simple form and textures. The stunning images Charlotte has kindly chosen to share illustrate this.

Relax sit back and enjoy

Wind Me Up Chrlotte Hedman

Wind Me Up – Charlotte Hedman

“There is something just so beautiful about the very tiny things we don’t see as we walk by them. I loved this tiny curling vine, that seemed to be decorating the leaf next to it ”  Charlotte Hedman


About Charlotte in her own words

Photography to me is an all consuming passion that I couldn’t live without. It has helped me see beauty everywhere I look, in all the places I used to ignore. It brings me into the moment and fills me with peace, as though meditating.  I love macros, and seeing the tiny wonders around us, but also enjoy shooting landscapes and portraits. Having been an artist my whole life, photography is now my creative outlet, along with the post editing work as part of the artistic process. I always hope that people viewing my images see in them what I saw and felt while shooting in that precious moment.


Living in a Bubble

Living In A Bubble – Charlotte Hedman

I love walking in a near by forest with my camera and listening to the water rippling in the creek. There is usually something in the creek worth photographing…this time it was the bubbles . And it created a funny kind of selfie at the same time. ” Charlotte Hedman


Hitching a Ride

Hitching a Ride – Charlotte Hedman

” I love to photograph flowers in water, whether they are growing there or have fallen in puddles. ” Charlotte Hedman


Doing the Twist

Doing The Twist – Charlotte Hedman

” I saw this flower at a friend’s house in London, but didn’t realise till I uploaded the image , that there was a curvy stem that seemed to blend right into the tip of another  leaf with a water droplet on it. ”

A massive thanks to Charlotte for agreeing to share her “Wow ! ” images , and if you have been inspired by her work you can enjoy more by checking  http://charhedman.wix.com/photography  https:/ /www.flickr.com/photos/111778568@N06/


All photographs in this post copyright Charlotte Hedman 2016



“Bits And Bobs……”

A few weeks ago I felt tired and uninspired. However my creative eye was brought back in focus by my reaction to recent life changing political events, and a much happier trip to Salford Quays. This is what happened.



Torn from Europe 24/6/16



Curly Pops






Have a Seat



Cut Grass



“Oh you’ve got blue eyes ”