Liquid Light Show

Liquid Light Show is the tiltle of a photograph by this month’s featured artist, Jeanette Kennedy, who I am thrilled  to introduce to you …….. and her work is indeed a stunning liquid light show which I hope you love as much as I do. I have always been drawn to organic macro images which reveal the fascinating abstract patterns and textures, but Jeanette’s images does something more than this.

Jeanette’s work skillfully and beautifully explores what happens when water meets light and nature. The reflection and refraction of light upon the water creates subtle illusions emphasising both the form of the water and the object within it. These gorgeous images make me want to reach out to feel the clear fresh water or dip my feet in.

Right time for a splash

more river rythms ...

More River Rythems – Jeanette Kennedy


into the evening sun ...

Into The Evening Sun – Jeanette Kennedy

About Jeanette In Her Own Words

I was delighted when Dawn invited me to submit some pictures to this thread. I found it surprisingly difficult to select some …. I guess it’s hard to be objective about your own work …

I have had a more or less life-long interest in natural history in all its forms, but particularly in the areas of botany, bryology and mycology, though I have no formal training in these fields. My photographic journey began about ten years ago, as a means of recording the species I saw, but after a while, it developed into a more absorbing interest in the abstraction of natural phenomena. I enjoy taking things out of context, seeing parts of things, deconstructing them and trying to capture the beauty of their constituent parts. The effects of differing light conditions on things constantly amazes me, and has led to a fascination with water photography, in particular. “

“When I signed up to Flickr back in 2009, my intention was simply to use it as a remote storage facility for my burgeoning number of photos. Little did I anticipate that it would become not only a source of learning, inspiration and motivation, but also a very rewarding social experience. I have made friends with people all around the globe through submitting photos to Flickr, Dawn being an example, and despite all its faults, it has been a very enhancing life experience to be a part of.

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read this and to look at my photos.
Janette :o)

after the frost

After The Frost – Jeanette Kennedy


frog futures copy

Frog Futures – Jeanette Kennedy


with a flourish ...

With a Flourish – Jeanette Kennedy


liquid light show

Liquid Light Show – Jeanette Kennedy


A massive thanks to Jeanette for sharing her stunning view of the world we often miss, and I hope you have been inspired to take a closer look at what lives beneath the surface of your local rivers. If you would like to see more of Jeanette’s work please see Liquid Light Show – Jeanette Kennedy


All images are copyright to Jeanette Kennedy

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