A Quirky ‘Mooch’ in Murcia

A frustrating summer for many different reasons, some personal and others not but both had a negative effect on my motivation and creative vision. I am now on the better side and starting to make progress adapting to my new Nikon.

However in between the lows there were a few highs including seeing my family in Spain and whilst there having a mooch in Murcia.These are  not your typical city pics  but I hope you like them….”.disfrutar”

Oh, and ‘Mooch’ is a Manchester word for a casual and relaxed look around.


Rear Window



Whilst wandering round streets I was delighted and curious when I a guy with a friendly face and fantastic smile asked me to take his photograph. I then felt flattered when he asked  me to send it to his twitter account.

Boys and girls


The Writing On The Wall

Street Dancer

Adios y nos vemos pronto!



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