An Unexpected Gift

Another Wednesday but this one was different, I awoke to what looked like a thin layer of snow. However when letting Roma out in the garden I realized it was a lot thicker. Roma was a delight to watch skipping and sniffing in my footprints as the snow continued to fall. She was totally puzzled by her first experience of snow. I couldn’t believe I was laughing at 6.30 in the morning.
The day just got better and better, after many phone calls and messages sorting work issues, I found out that our Interns (students) didn’t have to go in as the College was closed, so no work for me. Yes a snow day, an unexpected gift.
After doing a few jobs it was great to take Roma to the park, take some photographs and then warm up with a squirty cream topped hot chocolate.
Later I chilled reading The Hacienda How Not To Run a Club by Peter Hook which is so funny.
I finished this wonderful day sharing a bottle of red wine with my husband while watching How Art Began with Anthony Gormley.…..A perfect day










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