“Paper Back Writer “

I’m almost at the end of my book and can’t wait to see who the murderer is, but at the same time I don’t want it to end as I’ve enjoyed it so much. No worries though as I can move onto to finding another great book once I get to the end. During the last year in between working, family and photography I have recaptured my love of literature. I feel that having a book to read is an everyday necessity because literature inspires, educates, provides escapism and makes us question issues and keeps the mind active.

I usually buy books from charity shops, or do research and then see if I can order them online from our local library which is brilliant. We should support our libraries as they serve an important role in keeping literature accessible to all. Kindle or book? For me it has to be the book as you can enjoy turning the pages and looking back every so often to see how much you have read, or have left to read which gives you a clue of where you are up to with the plot.

So as I finished two books this week, literature was my inspiration for my photography, but aiming to show them in a creative manner looking at textures, shapes and the development of my ideas. I want to continue experimenting with this theme and will feature it in future posts if my ideas are successful I hope you like them.

This is where I started

Stage two

I then decided to experiment just using one book

I continued folding the pages

This is the last stage….for now, as I have other ideas which I want to experiment with.


Some of my favourite reads so far from the year

The Accordionist  РFred Vargas

These Dividing Walls – Fran Cooper

I See You – Clare Mackintosh

The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena

The Amazing Story Of The Man Who Cycled From India To Europe For Love – Per J Anderson

The Keeper of Lost Things – Ruth Hogan

Ripley Under Ground – Patricia Highsmith

Also I watched a beautiful documentary called ‘Faces and Places’ which is about the ninety year old French film director Agnes Varda (Whose sight is deteriorating) and JR a thirty five year old Street Artist. They travel around France taking photographs of people from different groups and communities.¬† This sounds very average but they use a large format camera, which has been installed in their van and then print and paste these large images on to appropriate buildings and landmarks. (Check it out on Netflix )

Have a good week and keep on reading.

Postscript: Since I started writing this post I sadly discovered that Agnes Varda died the other day.

Another Place

No one forecasted fog but hey ho, we were already on our way to Crosby to see Anthony Gormley’s Another Place. The last time I went it was raining cats and dogs and my fingers were red from the bitter cold, with my family reluctant to hang around while I took photos for my course work. Today was going to be different and it certainly was.
Gormley’s Art work consists of 100 cast iron sculptures (17 different casts of Gormley himself) which all face the open sea, cover a distance of 3km are 250m apart along the tide and 1km towards the horizon…….impressive. What I love about these sculptures is that the light, weather and the tide all effect how and what you actually see, and this was Gormley’s intention. He wanted to show the relationship between the natural elements space and the human body. Many of them show the effects of time and the elements as some have fallen over, others have barnacles and moss attached to their forms.
We stepped onto the sand in sunshine, but were soon walking in mist and looking out to the horizon for these figures, which now appeared magical and ghost like. In the meantime Roma was very curious sniffing round the legs and appeared to be thinking why aren’t you playing with me.
If you go down to Crosby beach today you’ll be sure of a big surprise…….to my delight we saw a couple taking a pig for a walk (Not a micro or pot bellied pig ) what a brilliant day.








My Another Place Flickr album

International Women’s Day in Focus

To celebrate International Women’s Day I have chosen to feature one of my favourite female photographers, Vivian Maier.¬† I have chosen Maier for a few reasons; firstly I admire the fact that she was unmaterialistic , worked as a nanny most of her life and that no one was aware of her talent until after she died. Her work only became famous 2007, after John Maloof discovered 100,000 negatives in a local Thrift Auction House in Chicago which were used to pay off debts. She worked as a nanny in Chicago and when the children became adults her job ended leaving her very poor, but they later bought her an apartment.
I love her photography as it captures every day street scenes, quirky characters and situations that tell a story. She initially started off using black and white film but then used colour and her photography then took on an abstract style which I also really like. Her work has been likened to Henri- Cartier- Bresson, Lissete Model and Andre Kertesz.
The images I really love best are those which feature herself and other people in reflections, in windows ,mirrors and shadows…..this is the main reason I have featured her today but each month I will put another female photographer in focus. I have included a few images here but please see vivianmaier.com for a more detailed account about her work and life and her extensive range of amazing street photography.

Happy International Women’s Day enjoy !