International Women’s Day in Focus

To celebrate International Women’s Day I have chosen to feature one of my favourite female photographers, Vivian Maier.  I have chosen Maier for a few reasons; firstly I admire the fact that she was unmaterialistic , worked as a nanny most of her life and that no one was aware of her talent until after she died. Her work only became famous 2007, after John Maloof discovered 100,000 negatives in a local Thrift Auction House in Chicago which were used to pay off debts. She worked as a nanny in Chicago and when the children became adults her job ended leaving her very poor, but they later bought her an apartment.
I love her photography as it captures every day street scenes, quirky characters and situations that tell a story. She initially started off using black and white film but then used colour and her photography then took on an abstract style which I also really like. Her work has been likened to Henri- Cartier- Bresson, Lissete Model and Andre Kertesz.
The images I really love best are those which feature herself and other people in reflections, in windows ,mirrors and shadows…..this is the main reason I have featured her today but each month I will put another female photographer in focus. I have included a few images here but please see for a more detailed account about her work and life and her extensive range of amazing street photography.

Happy International Women’s Day enjoy !



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