“….it helps me put the jigsaw together.”

Five years on from joining Flickr and I am still captivated by Jeanette Kennedy’s (Edinburgh Nettles Flickr) stunningly beautiful abstract images, and so I am excited to share some of her more recent work with you.

It was very difficult for me to decide which images to choose as I love them all, but I have tried to put a collection which shows different subject matter, but all display vivid colours, abstract patterns textures and make the viewers question what they are actually seeing. If you click on each image you will magically arrive on Jeanette’s Flickr’s page and understand why it was so difficult to choose which images to feature.

About Jeanette in her own words

“Over the past couple of years, my interest and fascination in abstraction has continued to preoccupy me, and although I still enjoy landscape photography, and more representational macro work, it is the abstract stuff which probably gives me most satisfaction and stimulation. Looking at the detail and minutiae of things in the natural world; looking at the patterns created by ice, motion, reflections and shadows; seeing ‘parts’ of things in different lights and weather conditions and from different angles, seems to serve to make me see the ‘whole’ in a completely new light. You might say, It helps me to put the jigsaw together. I hope that my images might, in some small way, do that for others who view them.”


low tide

Low Tide – Jeanette Kennedy

This triptych shows Jeanette’s artistic eye and straight away the viewer has to look closer to make sense of what they are actually  seeing. I love this triptych because of the contrast of colours and the fact that the limpets appear like golden jewels against the rich blue background and the contrasting white of the barnacles. It is a beautiful macro abstract image.

golden hour

Golden Hour – Jeanette Kennedy

Jeanette haw a special gift of how she sees the beautiful landscapes which surround her whether it be the coast, forests or mountains. These rich golden shades and broken patterns remind me of Gustav Klimt’s paintings and light is again is crucial capturing the texture and,patterns

Happy New Year everyone ...

Happy New Year – Jeanette Kennedy

This is a perfect example of one of the many landscape captured by Jeanette.I adore this photograph as it is so inviting, you can almost feel the sharp chill in the air and hear the crunching of your footsteps.It has a sense of calm and Jeanette skilfully captures the  light and shadows ,which create the differing shades of the blue and white.


Sporangia – Jeanette Kennedy

These are all beautiful “fruiting bodies” from a few species of U.K. native mosses, which are one of Jeanette’s personal interests. Mosses are a species which most of us overlook…but not any more.


An Illusion – Jeanette Kennedy

This is another example of how Jeanette magically sees her environment. These are Horsetails growing from a small loch on the stunning Isle of Skye. Again the patterns and contrasting colours make it a bold intriguing abstract.


Interrupted – Jeanette Kennedy

I am always drawn to water, reflections, light texture and patterns so this image for me is perfect. I adore the way Jeanette has captured the ripples in the water as they appear solid. The leaf caught in the ebb of the river creates contrasting colour and makes the viewer again look closer to work out what they are seeing….beautiful.

A big thanks to Jeanette for letting me revisit her work and sharing with you. I hope you have enjoyed this post and check out my previous post on her work here.

All work © Jeanette Kennedy








One thought on ““….it helps me put the jigsaw together.”

  1. Thanks so much Dawn. It’s really great to see some of my photos featured on your website alongside all your fabulous images. I very much admire your artistic and creative work, which is diverse and always captivating.

    Janette :o)

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