Power To The People: Bearded Theory 2019 – post 1

You can’t have a festival without people, and there were certainly lots of these at Bearded Theory. There were many beautiful people of all ages celebrating being free from the everyday hum-drum of the working week, and dressing in what ever they wanted. (The theme was DISCO).

I met some interesting folk who shared their personal stories about connections with different bands and generally sharing their love of music. Some were more quirky than others showing wit and originality including The Cult of Orange, who amusingly initiated anyone wearing orange by “serenading” them and then giving them a hand made orange pom pom…my husband is now a member : ) Brilliant !

These photos are a celebration of life and community and people just wanting to have a darn good time.


Dressed to Kill : )

Hats Off To You


Nice One Mate

You Looking At Me Kid

Kurious Oranj

Yeah Cool

Above It All

If You’ve Got It Flaunt It

One thought on “Power To The People: Bearded Theory 2019 – post 1

  1. Love this post Dawn…. your words just make me want to get involved and get a flavour of that ‘darn good time ‘ xx

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