“All I Want To Do Is Rock” Post 2

Twinkling lights, pretty bunting underneath a star lit sky and a canopy of tall trees, what a great place to drink beer, and of course listen to some fab bands. This year my discovery band was the excellent Slow Readers Club, from Manchester. I’d heard of them but can’t understand how I had missed them….awesome band, I had to buy the album when I got home.
My other discovery was a very different sounding band called The Blood Shake Chorus. Their appearance was very deceptive as I was very surprised to hear this amazing voice sweetly being belted out from a Gothic horror dressed vocalist. Classics such as ‘Delilah’ and ‘These Boots Were Made For Walking’ had the audience swaying and joining in. You have to see them to really appreciate it, must see them again.

My consistent faves Doves and Dreadzone to my delight were playing the main stage, and both didn’t disappoint (they never do!). Dreadzone who I have seen many times had the audience bouncing and skanking, from the front of the stage to far as the eye could see. (Love this band)

I was so excited to be seeing Doves again after their reform, and their albums have stayed on my phone for years. They sounded just as brilliant as ever but the only downer was the set was too short ending too soon and darkness would have made it more atmospheric. Other highlights included The Cult, The Skids, Suede and the Easy All Stars doing Dark Side Of The Moon and another new band called the Urban Cowboys.

Thanks Bearded Theory, looking forward to next year.


The Woodland

Slow Readers Club – Aaron Starkie

Slow Readers Club – Kurtis Starkie

Blood Shake Chorus

Dreadzone – Mc Spee

Dreadzone – E-zee-kill

This is Dreadzone remembering Loki Dread who sadly passed earlier in the year

Doves  Jimi Goodwin


Doves guitarist Jez Williams

Suede Brett Anderson

The Skids

Urban Cowboys

Easy All Stars



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