Art Nouveau Gold


Gustav Klimt has always been one of my favourite Artists ,I love the primary colours next to the gold leaf, beautiful swirls and spirals and other geometric patterns. His Art has inspired me start work on creating a series of photographs encompassing some of these characteristics. You can go to the link below to find out about him and see all his paintings. I have just provided a snapshot of Klimt’s beautiful Art.

Yesterday I went to the Victoria Albert Museum in London which was very inspiring and the starting point for this brief. I am thinking of creating a collage with the different details from the gold objects as a background for other images. It will be a journey of experimentation and who knows where it will lead.



The Kiss

The Dancer

Tree OF Life

Farm Garden

My mind map

Flapper Dress from the Victoria Albert Museum (VA )

Detail from an a show piece  (VA)

Iron work (VA)

Beautiful Art Nouveau details on a lock (VA)

More beautiful ironwork (VA)












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