This one is for you mum

So what is a mum ?

A mum is someone who cares for you,keps you safe but lets you discover life for yourself and makes mistakes, but is there ready to support and inspire you. To trust you and always be there for you. To smile when you buy second hand ripped Levi 501s from Afflex Palace. To let you die your hair all the colours of the rainbow and where graffited jeans to conventional places.

Even when she was seriously ill she would come smiling to see her grand children and play tapping a balloon. This post is for you mum. Thank you, you were where my creative journey began, buying me felt tips pencils, drawing pads and Doodle Art.

Today I am celebrating your life mum, by sharing your Art work and you will always remain an inspiration to me in so many ways.











Cheers Mum (Peggy).










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