Art Nouveau to Deco – Lisbon

Whilst in Lisbon we discovered the amazing Berardo Museu Art Deco, which hosts an inspiring and beautiful collection of both art movements. This belongs to the art collector Joe Berardo and was opened last year. The collection features ceramics, paintings, sculptures and furniture, all illustrating the characteristics of these two styles. Another bonus is having the opportunity to do some wine tasting at the end of the tour as Berardo is a producer of quality wine. (Yes, of course we did. Saude!)

Art Nouveau design emphasises organic forms, using delicate curves and long lines with a lot of ornamentation. It was a reaction to the Industrial Revolution, and Deco was a reaction to World War 1, and made use of the developments created by the Industrial Revolution. Deco emphasises symmetry and streamlines basic shapes.

I have just selected a few of my favourite pieces from the collection to share with you.

The Art Deco symmetrical shaped gates leading to the collection

This was made from a newly discovered type of mahogany , but I can’t remember that details.
1930 A beautiful sculpture by Demrtre Chiparus made from bronze ivory and marble.
Such beautiful details
The original poster from the 1925 international Arts and Industries Exhibition.
Beautifully patterned Art Nouveau lamp shades.
There was an extensive collection of all the designs used by an industrial manufacturer. Sadly I can’t remember the details but it was brilliant

Please see Berardo Museu Art Deco for more information

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