Allium Sativum..No Not Daleks Garlic

Apparently the word garlic comes from the Old English ‘garleac’. Gar meaning (spear) and leac, leek. The clove was regarded to being similar to the top of a sword and the leaf was spear shaped. (Oxford Languages).

We all know that garlic is good for your health, but did you know that National Garlic Day is the 19th of April? If you want to know more interesting facts like how many cloves of garlic on average a person eats see

Not only does garlic taste gorgeous in cooking, but when fresh out of the ground it also looks amazing,(well I think it does). The form is beautiful, a juxtaposition of delicate tissue like textures and smooth shiny half moon segments and vein like threads.

These photographs show how I see garlic, but I have slightly increased the saturation of the colours to emphasise their form.

Nature’s Garlic 1
Rainbow Garlic
Nature’s Painted Garlic 2
Nature’s Painted Garlic 3
Nature’s Painted Garlic 4
Subtle Pink Garlic
Neither Garlic or Dalek, it’s Roma who is beautiful too

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