Shimmer On The Horizon (or “Mum the sun is falling in to the sea”)

From artificial lighting, house laiden streets and busy roads to stunning sunsets, a canopy of silent stars, and secluded shores. What a fantastic two night’s camping. We stayed in a very basic, but beautiful site near Holyhead on the Isle of Anglesey.
Photographing sunsets is new to me, and using gradual light density filters is something I knew nothing about. I was introduced to these filters when watching a YouTube video , but when going to buy one from the I was given a better pack with a selection of gradients of light filters . (I didn’t realize there were different ones) The staff were really helpful explaining to me that it’s better to use the manual setting and always change the white balance to sunny or cloudy, because otherwise the camera will automatically distort the light readings resulting in “strange” colours.

There is a lot for me to learn, and as it takes the sun between two to five minutes to go down, and I was only camping for two nights it was very difficult to experiment. However, here are a couple of my best shots,(These have been slightly tweaked using the Mac Editor) as well as some awe inspiring shore line captures. I appreciate any comments and tips to help me develop my skills is this genre of photography.

In my next post I will be featuring scenes capturing the the beguiling natural beauty of the coastal paths and crystal clear rock pools.

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Abstract Sunset
Silent Shore
Sunset Sweep
Light House
Serene Sunset
Beautiful Blue
Colourful Sunset Clouds

2 thoughts on “Shimmer On The Horizon (or “Mum the sun is falling in to the sea”)

  1. I enjoyed reading this post and the photos you captured are great! My favourites are ‘Abstract Sunset’ and ‘Light House’. I really like the colours of the sunset and the framing of the lighthouse 🙂

  2. Thanks John for your inspiring feedback. It’s difficult to find a good accesible places to catch the sunset in the city, However, I will do some research and hopefully find other places to continue learning and definetly will be returning to Anglesey. 😊

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