Low Tide

Who doesn’t love exploring rock pools? It was great fun when I was a child and then later with my children. Many years later (But not with a fishing net and bucket ) I still get giddy, so it was a joy to find a small rugged beach between Church Bay and Camaes Bay on the Isle of Anglesey, which was perfect in every way.

This collection of photographs aim to capture nature’s beautiful patterns, colours, textures and form, from within the confines of this shore and a snippet from the Anglesey Coastal Path.

Many of these photos have been given fictional titles as I have little knowledge about the different seaweeds but aim to to do research.

“Bad Hair Day”
Costal Path (Cameas Bay-Church Bay)
“Doctor Who Stage Set”
“Nobley Bobley” (Bladder Wrack ?)
“Elephants Rock”
Oxeye Daisy
“A Curiosity” – I discovered that this is a Beadlet Anemone
see https://www.therockpoolproject.co.uk/beadlet-anemone/
Sheepish Sunset

All images copywrite Dawn Shallcross

2 thoughts on “Low Tide

  1. I liked looking at your fab macro photos and reading the creative names you came up with! I enjoyed exploring rock pools as a child but I also learnt to always look out for the sneakily speedy incoming tide! 😉

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