Reaching Out

Quite often we tend to count down to certain events happening and after that wait, it goes too quickly. However, hopefully we are left with good memories and can relive the excitement and happiness we felt, and then make more plans for the future. The aim of these photographs was to capture that moment of grasping what we have been waiting for.

They were taken while watching the final song by the awesome Flaming Lips, who were closing the Bearded Theory Festival 2022. Amidst this crowd my eye was drawn to a child eagerly reaching out trying to grasp just one of the many tissue confetti pieces, which had been released from the stage. I loved watching the excitement of the child finally capturing that confetti. Then it was gone and she carried on reaching for more.

Reaching Out 1
Reaching Out 2
Reaching Out 3
Reaching Out 4

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All images copyright to Dawn Shallcross

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