A Mooch on the Modernista

Barcelona has been on my must visit list for years so it was a delight to combine visiting my sister and brother in law in Alicante, (I hadn’t seen them for four years), and then catch the train to Barcelona for a couple of days. Both were enjoyable for different reasons, one being able chat and find about fascinating unknown family stories, and the other to see such exquisite art in its different forms. I just love Art Nouveau.

This post features the beautiful Modernista architecture known to us in the UK as Art Nouveau, which was a priority to see during the two days we had there. Some of these houses and commercial buildings can be seen on the Passeig de Gracia which is also referred to as the Quadrat d’Or (Golden Square). My future posts will feature specific iconic buildings in Barcelona and include more information on Art Nouveau, but for now just enjoy the madness and exciting beauty of these buildings.

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