I Shrunked and I Dunked

No I haven’t had an accident with the washing, or been dunking my biscuits in my tea. I have been busy designing and selling my shrinki dink Christmas earrings after being asked where I got them from.

So far I have sold my hand painted earrings through work colleagues, but in the new year I hope to develop my Depop shop and sell a wide range of retro boho indi designs, alongside my newly created Pop_To_The Shops _ Instagram account.

I hope you like them and if so please feel free to have a gander.

My instagram and below my Depop shop


The start of Christmas
Ready for packing
Newest bespoke design dedicated to Lizzie and Ziggy
Polar Christmas
Love my Docs
New retro design for next year.

I will be back just before Christmas looking at two of Barcalona’s iconic buildings.

Thanks for visiting and

Merry Xmas🎄😊

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