Come Rain come Shine

British weather is one of this country’s predominant conversation topics. We are never satisfied, too cold, too wet, too hot, but whatever the weather it can create beautiful and interesting effects. I hope you like the “conversation” below. Rainbow Drops (Edit 1) Dusty Dusk Dark Dusk True Lips (Edit 1) True Lips (Edit 2) Soaking…

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“Manchester so much to answer for”

I am know I am biased but Manchester is such a cool city, no matter what you are into, music of every genre, art in many forms, fab food and bars, fashion for all and two amazing football clubs .(Okay I really wanted to say one, but begrudgingly I have to now acknowledge the red…

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Goodbye January

I was glad to say goodbye to January,such a long dark month and personal stresses and now it’s the latter end of February. I haven’t been up to a lot, photography wise but I did manage to blow away the cobwebs by having a revitalising stroll with my husband and Roma on Formby Beach. The…

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