We Can Be Heroes

At last the tent is up again with fairy lights attached, you can hear the bands sound checking from the main arena stage, people are at one with the universe, dressed in a wonder world of of colours with drink in hand. Yes we are delighted to be back at Bearded Theory

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The Secret Garden

Thanks to my lovely neighbour Rose, I have been able to mooch around her beautiful garden once again, after another wet day in Manchester with camera in hand. Rose has great knowledge of plants and flowers and is quite happy to tell me which are the weeds and flowers in our relaxed garden. Here are…

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Lisbon – Art Inside and Out

Just as everywhere you go in Rome you are surrounded by history, in Lisbon you are surrounded by art; whether it be beautiful tiled buildings, world renowned paintings, or street art. This is my final post on the wonderful city of Lisbon…until I return for another inspiring stay. I visited the which hosts work…

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