Waiting For Macro

After a lot of research and speaking to a couple techy camera experts I finally decided to buy the Sigma F2.8 105mm Macro Lens, but then had to wait until August to actually buy one. (Photographers have had macro madness during COVID19 so none in stock ) I have been playing with it for the last week or so trying to suss out the best settings and still learning but here is a few I have taken so far.

Good To See You 1


Lets Dance

Bad Hair Day

Good To See You 2

“Gettin on with it”


In these difficult times it’s still possible to find pleasure in the simplest and smallest of things. Self isolating outside has been easy when taking Roma (our dog) out for her walk, as many people ironically imagine she is a vicious dog, which couldn’t be further from the truth.
These short periods have been great as they have helped me to spend time looking for beautiful gems of nature.

Happy Easter, stay safe and enjoy.











all images copyright Dawn Shallcross


Art Nouveau Gold


Gustav Klimt has always been one of my favourite Artists ,I love the primary colours next to the gold leaf, beautiful swirls and spirals and other geometric patterns. His Art has inspired me start work on creating a series of photographs encompassing some of these characteristics. You can go to the link below to find out about him and see all his paintings. I have just provided a snapshot of Klimt’s beautiful Art.

Yesterday I went to the Victoria Albert Museum in London which was very inspiring and the starting point for this brief. I am thinking of creating a collage with the different details from the gold objects as a background for other images. It will be a journey of experimentation and who knows where it will lead.



The Kiss

The Dancer

Tree OF Life

Farm Garden

My mind map

Flapper Dress from the Victoria Albert Museum (VA )

Detail from an a show piece  (VA)

Iron work (VA)

Beautiful Art Nouveau details on a lock (VA)

More beautiful ironwork (VA)












Reflections and Introspection

Thank goodness January is nearly over it has to be the flatest month of the year, and “a wake up call” of how inactive I have been with my photography during the last year. I need inspiration and hoped that it would just land on my lap… however everyday responsibilities, work, laziness etc. have recently blurred my creativity .
The subject of this post is therefore fitting and after a “Kick up the backside”, it feels good to be starting again. After looking through my collection of images it reminded me how exciting and inspiring Photography and Art are to me. They are part of who I am, so to get the year started I have put together a collection of images focussing on reflections, some create gorgeous abstract colours and shapes, others provoke mystery.

Silver Screen


Walk this Way


Woodland Walk

Abney Abstract


Time to Reflect

La Grande illusion

Look at Me


I hope you have enjoyed these and will be back soon  : )

Baking In Bologna

Red hot sunshine majestically shed light on the beautiful coloured buildings and portico streets of Bologna, what a delightful city to stay in for a short break. It was a relatively quiet place compared to Florence but with many hidden gems, and no queues to see them, including the amazing terracotta sculptures by Niccolò dell’Arca. (We didn’t see as much as intended so will definitely return )

The Hotel we stayed in was called Il Guercino meaning cross eyed, and was named after the Baroque painter Giovanni Francesco Barbieri who, yes you guessed, was cross eyed and was active in Bologna. Also Garibaldi stayed near the hotel in 1848 and left his horses with the local blacksmith.



Piazza Maggiore is the main square and is a great place to start exploring from, as the restaurant and bar strewn streets lead to the famous “Wonky Towers” (The Two Towers), museums, the student area (Bologna has the oldest University in the world 1088), with great street Art and some quirky shops.

With the help of my daughter I even managed to buy a new nose stud as I had to replace my recent Dawnio mid life crisis addition so that it wouldn’t heal up. (I pointed to her pierced nose  : ) ).

While we were there free films were being shown when the sun went down, as part of the Bologna Film Festival which you could watch from either sitting in a bar, or actually on one of the many chairs in front of the large screen.

Piazza Maggoire including Basilica di San Petronio


Portico after Portico – great for keeping in the shade or keeping dry in the Winter


The Light of Bologna


A pretty to place to chill near the student area


Mourning Over The Dead Christ by Niccolò dell’Arca 

The food was great but it wasn’t always easy to find vegetarian options as it is a very meaty city, but I loved the tapas type snacks you got when ordering a couple of beers. A great find was ‘Flower Burger‘ which had cool decor, including a large print of  the Beatles Yellow Submarine and 1960’s hanging swing style chairs at one table in the centre of the cafe.  Also I noticed that it is a very dog friendly place, as they are allowed in most cafes and shops, and there are many wonderful clothes shops too which are very affordable. My favourite named shop was Disco d’Oro which was a very hip music shop selling mainly indie vinyl

A quirky brilliant Vegan place to eat


Bologna Bellissima


Art Nouveau old shop sign


How sophisticated is this? : )


Cute Scruffy Mutt in one of the cafes


“Salute Bologna”

The young people were very friendly and cheerful and those who we spoke to all loved Pep Guardiola (unlike my husband), and one person actually loved our accent because he said we sounded like we were from Game Of Thrones…he he.

I hope you have enjoyed these photos (I will be uploading more images in my Places galleries soon) and get the chance the visit this beautiful City sometime.