This one is for you mum

So what is a mum ?

A mum is someone who cares for you,keps you safe but lets you discover life for yourself and makes mistakes, but is there ready to support and inspire you. To trust you and always be there for you. To smile when you buy second hand ripped Levi 501s from Afflex Palace. To let you die your hair all the colours of the rainbow and where graffited jeans to conventional places.

Even when she was seriously ill she would come smiling to see her grand children and play tapping a balloon. This post is for you mum. Thank you, you were where my creative journey began, buying me felt tips pencils, drawing pads and Doodle Art.

Today I am celebrating your life mum, by sharing your Art work and you will always remain an inspiration to me in so many ways.











Cheers Mum (Peggy).










It’s Hard to Find a Womble

During the last couple of months I have discovered the magical world of “shrinky dinks”, which are basically plastic sheets which can be drawn on and then shrink in size once put in your cooker. A friend introduced me to them when I showed her some earings I loved and she said “You know they are just shrinki dinks don’t you ?”, and that was where my creative journey started.

I have always loved quirky jewellry, and as a teenager I remember buying some balsa wood with the intention of using it, but never got very far just lots of jokes, which I still get now. Shrinky dinks are so much easier, all you need is imagination, sharpie pens/coloured pencils/acrylic gloss paints and cooker lining paper to put on a baking tray. When I started I used sharpies and coloured pencils, but struggled to achieve a bright finish, and some colours ran into each other. Recently I have started experimenting with acrylic gloss paints as they appear to be brighter.

The main problem I had was finding a good picture of a womble to copy  : ) welcome to an exciting world of plastic

Here are some of my designs so far.

These were my first creation using sharpies

The first of many Doc Martens,experimenting with colour

Getting there

So many possabilities but again not bright enough .(Pencil colours)

Woofin good (Gloss acrylics)


Much better (Gloss acrylics)


Remember you’re a womble (Gloss acrylics)









Ianua Lights

Another new year but a bleaker start than normal, not just lockdown and dark days but also doing dry January. I must be bonkers but up for a challenge. Another challenge this year is to refocus upon my creativity and to help awaken this I received a book which was first published in 1992, called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It is all about discovering and maintaining your creativity whether you want to be an artist, writer, actor etc. and provides twelve a week course for you to follow. As yet I haven’t made a proper start besides doing “morning papers “, more will be revealed through my future blog posts.

However, my inspiration to write my first post for the year happened when I noticed how beautiful the winter sun struck a vase of yellow tulips. I was not only excited by the beauty of the flowers, but also the shadow created on the white wall. I love shadows and am fascinated by the effect of different lighting upon every day objects, landscapes and faces…And yes there is sunshine on the horizon as the Covid19 Vaccine begins to be rolled out, and on the 1st of February I will drink to this, as well as the gradual increase of daylight .

Happy New Year Everyone

Colour Burst 1

Formby Beach Winter Sun

Colour Burst 2

Winter Dusk 1

Winter Dusk 2

Winter Dusk 3

Sun Burst 3

All images copyright to DawnMacroArt



Seasonal Colours

Despite the dark nights and mornings Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year. Nature creates it’s own pallet of mixed reds, yellows and oranges against quite often grey sky’s with a smearing of sun.

It’s also a great time of the year to take your dog out for a ramble and especially if they love puddles, like Roma😍

I hope you enjoy these snaps I have captured

Waiting For Macro

After a lot of research and speaking to a couple techy camera experts I finally decided to buy the Sigma F2.8 105mm Macro Lens, but then had to wait until August to actually buy one. (Photographers have had macro madness during COVID19 so none in stock ) I have been playing with it for the last week or so trying to suss out the best settings and still learning but here is a few I have taken so far.

Good To See You 1


Lets Dance

Bad Hair Day

Good To See You 2