I Spy With My Little Eye

I love the classic street photographers such as HenrI Cartier Bresson , Robert Doisneau , and Vivian Maier just to name a few. Their photography features the everyday lives of people doing everyday tasks in the streets, and Maier captured many scenes through reflections in shop windows, mirrors etc.

This set of photographs was taken in Lisbon, some from the hotel window looking down on the streets, and others whilst out and about and in the hotel. These photographs have inspired me to order some film and have a play with my traditional Canon AE1 camera again.

Eye Spy with my little eye….

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“Hey Massimo”
Wine Not
Fancy DIY
More Stairs
Looking On
Umbrella Days

Allium Sativum..No Not Daleks Garlic

Apparently the word garlic comes from the Old English ‘garleac’. Gar meaning (spear) and leac, leek. The clove was regarded to being similar to the top of a sword and the leaf was spear shaped. (Oxford Languages).

We all know that garlic is good for your health, but did you know that National Garlic Day is the 19th of April? If you want to know more interesting facts like how many cloves of garlic on average a person eats see https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/63100/11-things-you-might-not-have-known-about-garlic.

Not only does garlic taste gorgeous in cooking, but when fresh out of the ground it also looks amazing,(well I think it does). The form is beautiful, a juxtaposition of delicate tissue like textures and smooth shiny half moon segments and vein like threads.

These photographs show how I see garlic, but I have slightly increased the saturation of the colours to emphasise their form.

Nature’s Garlic 1
Rainbow Garlic
Nature’s Painted Garlic 2
Nature’s Painted Garlic 3
Nature’s Painted Garlic 4
Subtle Pink Garlic
Neither Garlic or Dalek, it’s Roma who is beautiful too

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Eau De Vie

After those bonkers temperatures along came the rain, with it beauty arrived in the smallest forms and Roma enjoyed a longer walk than normal. Droplets of rain on natural forms fascinate me as they have a sense of magic and always inspire and make me smile, unlike slug trails. Moving on, I hope that you too can find some magic in the below photographs.

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Jump Around

What an amazing lineup they had at Bearded Theory this year, too much choice. Thursday, the opening night was easy Dreadzone, brilliant as as ever (even without Spen the main singer who is taking a break due to personal issues.), and joined by guest Emily Capell who later performed in her own right, and again was great. Legends Patti Smith and Wilko Johnson and Placebo played later during the weekend so I was spoilt for choice, but timings clashed with other stages.

My personal highlight was Peter Hook and The Light gracing the magical Woodlands Stage amid a rainbow of lights and trees, with a very appreciative crowd loving the classic Joy Division and New Order songs.

Other favourites included the The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican doing their version of Jump Around (Original by The House of Pain) while the main singer surfed the crowd in a dingy looking very jumpy. The Hives totally rocked the stage with lots of classic moves and the festival came to a close on the Sunday night with the beautiful dreamlike Flaming Lips. Wayne Coyne sang whilst immersing himself in and out of a person sized bubble, with a giant inflated pink robot behind him.

I am delighted to feature some of JP’s (my good mate) photographs capturing some of these bands, along with some my of my own.A big thanks to JP for letting me these cool photographs.

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Walking to the Woodlands Stage -JP
Dreadzone -Dawn
Dubioza Kolektiv
Placebo – Dawn
Bubbles – JP
The Bar-Stewards Sons of Val Doonican – JP
The Bar-Stewards Sons of Val Doonican – Dawn
Peter Hook and the Light – Dawn
The Hives 1 -JP
The Hives (2) – Dawn
The Selector – Dawn
Emily Capell – jP
The Flaming Lips – Dawn
Goodnight and Thank You Bearded Theory – Dawn

The Secret Garden

Thanks to my lovely neighbour Rose, I have been able to mooch around her beautiful garden once again, after another wet day in Manchester with camera in hand. Rose has great knowledge of plants and flowers and is quite happy to tell me which are the weeds and flowers in our relaxed garden.

Here are my favourite macro photographs from Rose’s secret garden, enjoy.







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Next week I will be featuring first of two posts capturing the Bearded Theory festival goers, and later another post sharing some of the band photographs, with contributions from my good mate John.