Sunshine,blue sky and at an abundant floating bubble of frog spawn.These images were taken with a Hauwei 30 mobile as I wanted to quickly capture these abstract images before the sunshine disappeared,( As you know how rapidly Manchester weather can change.)
I was initially intent on capturing the frog spawn but then became aware of how abstract the shots were due to the reflection and bright colours.I hope you enjoy these photos and are to also enjoy sunshine and hopefully the first signs of Spring.

I have just noticed that blue and yellow are the predominant colours in these images ,so lets hope for peace in the Ukraine.

Primavera 1

Primavera 2

Primavera 3


Primavera 5

“Paper Back Writer “

I’m almost at the end of my book and can’t wait to see who the murderer is, but at the same time I don’t want it to end as I’ve enjoyed it so much. No worries though as I can move onto to finding another great book once I get to the end. During the last year in between working, family and photography I have recaptured my love of literature. I feel that having a book to read is an everyday necessity because literature inspires, educates, provides escapism and makes us question issues and keeps the mind active.

I usually buy books from charity shops, or do research and then see if I can order them online from our local library which is brilliant. We should support our libraries as they serve an important role in keeping literature accessible to all. Kindle or book? For me it has to be the book as you can enjoy turning the pages and looking back every so often to see how much you have read, or have left to read which gives you a clue of where you are up to with the plot.

So as I finished two books this week, literature was my inspiration for my photography, but aiming to show them in a creative manner looking at textures, shapes and the development of my ideas. I want to continue experimenting with this theme and will feature it in future posts if my ideas are successful I hope you like them.

This is where I started

Stage two

I then decided to experiment just using one book

I continued folding the pages

This is the last stage….for now, as I have other ideas which I want to experiment with.


Some of my favourite reads so far from the year

The Accordionist  – Fred Vargas

These Dividing Walls – Fran Cooper

I See You – Clare Mackintosh

The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena

The Amazing Story Of The Man Who Cycled From India To Europe For Love – Per J Anderson

The Keeper of Lost Things – Ruth Hogan

Ripley Under Ground – Patricia Highsmith

Also I watched a beautiful documentary called ‘Faces and Places’ which is about the ninety year old French film director Agnes Varda (Whose sight is deteriorating) and JR a thirty five year old Street Artist. They travel around France taking photographs of people from different groups and communities.  This sounds very average but they use a large format camera, which has been installed in their van and then print and paste these large images on to appropriate buildings and landmarks. (Check it out on Netflix )

Have a good week and keep on reading.

Postscript: Since I started writing this post I sadly discovered that Agnes Varda died the other day.

Good Day Sunday

From icy woodland paths and frozen fields to the centre of Manchester, another enjoyable day. Woodbank Park was much larger than I remembered from my teenage-years and now more interesting. We wondered through footpaths and fields not quite sure where we were heading but Roma didn’t care. Eventually we found our way to the main park bit, and I was drawn to the abstract reflections from the old cafe windows, blue sky and the organic Pollock like images from the tree branches.




In the afternoon by direct contrast, we were in the middle of Manchester and this time on our way to see the amazing photographer Martin Parr’s exhibition at the Manchester Princess Gallery. Martin Parr’s photography features everyday people going about their lives in different settings from all walks of life. The exhibition celebrates working class life, inclusion and diversity in Greater Manchester, from the early 1970’s to last year, and is well worth a visit …..I am definitely going back again .




I was totally inspired and ended up buying a cheap 3 lens kit to attach to my smart phone for convenience when not having my Nikon on me. (You never know when you you will see something that inspires you, that’s why I love my mobile phone)

All this Art and inspiration made us hungry so the very tasty Little Aladdin’s was our next stop.This is a great place to eat , totally Vegan, friendly owner,a varied menu and at a good price. My personal favourite are the three curries rice .(72 High St, Manchester near the Northern Quarter)




A spot of shopping,


…and a broken butter dish (thanks James 😉 )

What a great way to spend a Sunday, and City put the icing on the cake by beating Arsenal




“Bogged Down”

During the last six months I have struggled to be motivated or inspired to pick up my Nikon D7200.
It was only the other day that I realised this is because I struggle to make the camera do what I want it to do …… the creative compositions in my head don’t mirror the shots taken.
So it’s time to start getting to grips with this camera and wade through it’s vast menu settings, with the help of  You Tube tutorials and other sources. ( including any tips from you )
I will share both my failures and successes on this journey and hopefully my inspiration and motivation will return.
In the meantime here are a few shots which were pleasing .


Time to Reflect

It’s Chilli in Here

La Grande Illusion

Film Noir



“Right let’s get cracking

“I Like to Look Beyond or Sideways….”

I am delighted this month to present the stunning and imaginative photography of Wendy Dobing, who sees the abstract patterns and colours of our every day urban towns and cities. It is this kaleidoscopic vision which drew me to Wendy’s world.

We see the architecture as so much more than just glass and brick. Wendy focuses upon the geometric shapes and repetition of the patterns which they form. She also cleverly frames the subjects from unusual angles which forces us to take more notice of what we are actually seeing.

These patterns and shapes are also emphasised by the way Wendy skilfully uses light and focuses upon colour.

So let’s start our walk down the high street and enjoy…..


Watching Me Watching You//

Watching Me Watching You – WendyDobing



Moist – Wendy Dobing

Blocked Up//

Blocked Up – Wendy Dobing

In the Artists own words

“I am  freelance graphic designer and amateur photographer. I am motivated by the colour and form of our world, showing this through some of my  abstract, architectural and macro detail photography. I like to look beyond or sideways at everything so that I look before I see. ”


Technicolour Living//

Technicolour Living – Wendy Dobing

Don't judge a book//

Don’t Judge A Book –  Wendy Dobing


A big thanks to Wendy for taking the time to share here her spectacular photography and if you are curious to see more please see Wendy’s Flickr page 

All images copyright Wendy Dobing