“Colour Is A Power Which Directly Influences The Soul” Wassily Kandinsky

I have always loved the colour blue with its different tones and shades. It inspires me, makes me happy, thoughtful and calm…..unless when worn by a certain football team now being managed by the amazing Pep Guardiola…anyway back to art and photography,  (but Pep is an art lover).

I recently read a wonderful book by Will Gompertz called ‘What Are You Looking At ? 150 Years Of Modern Art In The Blink Of An Eye’ and was inspired by a chapter about Der Blaue Reiter group of artists. This inspired me to take a series of abstract photographs focussing  on the colour blue, but first a bit of background.

These 20th century abstract Artists included Franz Mark, August Macke, Schoenberg but it was Delaunay and Wassily Kandinsky who were the most influential.

Kandinsky believed; “..colours have powers that influence the soul-colour is the keyboard,the eyes are the hammers, the soul is is the piano with many strings.The Artist is the hand that plays, touching one key ore another to course vibrations in the soul “  Kandinsky Concerning The Spirutual In Art.

While listening to a score of music by Schoenberg at the Bolshi Theatre in Moscow, Kandinsky saw different colours, and it was that experience which led to his radical theories about abstract art. This new concept was called Orphism named after the Greek poet and musician.Kandinsky became motivated to create abstract art which could evoke different emotions and the imagination like that of  instrumental music .










Houses of Murnau -Kandinsky 1909









Improvisation 4 1909 – Kandinsky










Composition VII 1913 – Kandinsky










Study, Squares with Concentric Circles  1913- Kandinsky


Kandinsky and his fellow Artists believed that blue was a symbolic colour……

  • saturated with unique spiritual qualities
  • “synthesise” the inner nature of things
  • Feelings unconscious mind with the external world and the universe

And now my Blaue……


   Mr P’s Beautiful Blues



    Visions Of Blue






     “Oh You’ve Got Blue Eyes “



   Messed Up World


I hope these photographs have inspired you and also made you think about if or how different colours effect you, and can visual  art have the same emotional and creative impact on you as music……erm?

Further information can be found at http://www.wassilykandinsky.net/year-1913.php

What Are You Looking At ? 150Years Of Modern Art In The Blink Of An Eye – William Gompertz

Concerning The Spiritual In Art – Wassily Kandinsky










Mr P’s Beautiful Blues

April Showers

This certainly has been a bizarre April; snow, hail and heavy downpours, ……but beauty can still be found. I am often excited when I see these natural “diamonds ” dancing in the sunlight.



New Rose



After the Rain



Wet Fringe



Crocodile Rock


“The Ordinary Meets Extradordinary”

This months chosen is artist is the really creative and talented Steve Taylor, who has kindly agreed to share his favourite photographs. I started following Steve on Flickr as I was struck by his exciting use of bold colours, and humour which transforms the Ordinary into the Extraordinary, (This is also the title of one of Steve’s albums on Flickr ).

Steve’s images remind of the work by the colour-revolutionary photographer William Eggleston,  Andy Warhol and Martin Parr. His art starts off as pure photography, but he then uses post-processing to enhance the images so they can look more like paintings or prints. He does this to give his images more meaning…see Steve’s comments to read  more about this.




“Happy Days  : In the original photo you could still make out the features of the family group, so increased the contrast so that the joy of walking/running on the beach was emphasised rather than seeing the actual people.” – Steve Taylor


” The Measure of a Man   I took the picture to show the line of the shadow pointing at the man sitting on the wall. After increasing the contrast the shadow of the wall looked like the markings on a ruler; thus the title The Measure of a Man.” – Steve Taylor

A few words from the Artist himself :

“I started off as most people did using black and white negative film which I could develop and print myself. I then moved on to colour transparency for the wonderful vivid colours. When I had kids the photography slowed down and it was all colour negative that you took to the chemist to print. Film was a lot harder than today. You had to visualise the result in your mind. One of the ways of doing this was to squint your eyes. The more you squinted the more contrast you could see. So the faster the film the more contrast. Also we used to press the aperture (depth of field preview) button to see what would be in focus. There was a lot of looking at the lens to see if the aperture was set to a particular aperture can I bring the focus closer and still have distant objects (clouds) still in focus. Also back in the film days the aim was to get a perfectly clear picture with little not in focus, blur or bokeh.”


Steve’s Art features a wide range of everyday subjects such as street art, quirky decorated buildings, objects, nature, landscapes etc. which tend to feature bold colours and contrast, ironic juxtapositions, and humour. It is these characteristics which I really love. He also   creatively and skilfully  uses digital manipulation to emphasise meaning, and also create some really interesting   abstract images.


All Alone illustrates his creative use of instead of increasing colour saturation he  reduces the  colour and details . This   emphasises  atmosphere, and the  juxtaposition of the sofa   which to me conjures up images of people socialising but the reality is,  the loneliness of the virtually empty house.


“All Alone  : When I was in real estate I was selling a house with a sleep out and the only thing in the room was this small couch. I put it in the corner and took this picture. In the processing I reduced any details and emphasised just the couch and carpet.”- Steve Taylor



“How white is your underwear: I took this picture with a bright winter sun coming through the door. I processed it to get the most contrast on the washing basket and to have the feel of the glow of the super white washing is causing the shadow of the basket. ” – Steve Taylor

I love the contrast which highlight the patterns of the washing basket and that the object is an everyday house item.Also it reminds me of the subjects featured in Andy Warhol’s images.





Leadership: The Art of Mending Fences: I loved the look of this broken fence, but on it’s own it looked a bit everyday. I ran the picture through DAP http://www.mediachance.com/dap/ and combined the DAP picture with the original. I would recommend trying out DAP and look forward to the version 5 coming in the near future. – Steve Taylor

Thanks to Steve for sharing his vivid, intriguing and thought provoking art. It has been an honour to showcase it and if you are curious to see more of his amazing photography   see:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/stevetaylors/



Abstract Cottonopolis

This post was inspired by my team, Manchester City winning the Capital Cup yesterday…..Well done chaps !!!

When we think of a city, we see buildings, people, shops, trains, buses etc. However there is another side to the urban environment, a more abstract vision.  I’ve taken the photograph’s posted here in and around the city of Manchester (UK).  See if you can recognise any of these places?


Bridget canBridget Can




Manchester La La La






Stop Staring at Stairs


Ethiad 2




I See It

Vintage Homes

Not long agoI was fed up of trying to take pretty photographs of nature in the rain and grey skies, and decided instead to have a scoot round the house looking for interesting objects to focus on. It’s amazing what you find that you have forgotten about, and how you can see them in a different light (literally sometimes)………..so here they are and roll on Spring !




textmefinal edit






And one left over from New Year….