“Gettin on with it”


In these difficult times it’s still possible to find pleasure in the simplest and smallest of things. Self isolating outside has been easy when taking Roma (our dog) out for her walk, as many people ironically imagine she is a vicious dog, which couldn’t be further from the truth.
These short periods have been great as they have helped me to spend time looking for beautiful gems of nature.

Happy Easter, stay safe and enjoy.











all images copyright Dawn Shallcross


Dandelion Sparklelion

It’s dandelion time again…….love this time of year. These flowers are in abundance with their bright blaze of yellow, which then “magically” turn to seed when you are not looking. They still look just as beautiful if not even more. I am fascinated with the textures and details of these ephemeral beauties and especially after it has rained.

Take a wander and enjoy ………


Wind Swept

Yellow Mellow

Out of Sorts

Shine on Through




All images copyright to dawnmacroart

One ‘ O’ clock Two ‘O’ clock…..

Where has the time gone ? I can’t believe we are in the middle of June and and just a month ago I was capturing the beautiful textures of Dandelions in the sunshine. Those of you who consider this flower to be a weed may change your mind after seeing these images.



Sing a Rainbow


Natural Abseil





Sunshine Flowers

I’ve just fixed my laptop and found these pictures that remind me of the long lost sun, roll on summer. I’ve tried to capture¬†some of the different patterns and shapes¬†of these flowers.