” I was dangerously too close so I snapped one shot and retreated……”

Sunshine, a rainbow of flowers  and the first glimpses of natures newly born animal life, yes it’s Spring.  To celebrate this and launch my blog back into action I am excited and delighted to share the amazing wildlife photography of Ed Mason .

I was initially drawn to Ed’s dramatic coloured Canadian sky, and landscapes. However, I soon became fascinated by his skilful  captures of a wide variety of mammals and birds. He expertly manages to capture their human-like expressions and behaviour as well as focusing upon the beauty of his subjects. Ed emphasises colours textures and patiently waits to capture that perfect moment.

So let’s go………

Bison Eye Selfie.-Ed Mason

“The selfie in the eye of a wild bull bison happened when I accidentally came almost face to face with the beast while walking a trail in Elk Island National Park in Alberta. I was dangerously too close so I snapped one shot and retreated.”

About the Photographer in his own words

“I’ve had cameras for decades but never did much more than snapshots until three years ago after a catastrophic and sudden hearing loss led to my retirement from a career in radio broadcasting. I most enjoy wildlife, sunrises, the odd moon shot and some macro work. My primary equipment is a Canon 7D mkii, a Canon 70D, a Tamron 150-600, a Tamron 90mm VC Macro and a Canon 18-135 kit lens. I use Photoshop Elements 13 along with Topaz Adjust and Clarity plug-ins. ”

Go Away -Ed Mason

“Go Away is from an encounter with a very vocal Swainsons Hawk.  They nest about a kilometre from my home and provide an endless source of entertainment. This mother was letting me know one of her youngsters was nearby. They have been known to dive at perceived threats so I gave her some space.”

Gyrfalcon and Pigeon-Ed Mason

“The gyrfalcon is one of the largest falcons. We are blessed with a number of falcons using a large grain terminal as a pigeon supermarket every December through early March. This one has just delivered the death bite to the neck of the unfortunate pigeon.”

Blues in the Ice

“Blues in the ice was taken on a very cold morning. Ice crystals formed on the single pane window of a backyard shed.”

Gang Of Goslings

“The Gang of Canada Goose Goslings was snapped when the infants came off a grassy hill while waddling from one pond to another.  I was flat on the grass waiting for them.”

Mallard Male – Ed Mason

“The mallard male in flight was just a lucky shot on the fly. I was approaching a pond in the local wetlands when he burst from the reeds almost in front of me.”

Radio Ga Ga – Ed Mason

“Radio Ga Ga was taken with a telephoto lens on one of those fiery dawns we are blessed with in Alberta.  I included radio in the title because of the transmission tower in the image.”

Morning has Broken-Ed Mason

“Morning has broken is one of my sunrise images. I used to start work every day at 4am and never drove to the job in daylight. I’m still an early riser and I think of sunrises as the best free show on earth.  PS:  That is ice on the road surface.”

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful inside vision of Canada with  a glimpse of it vast wildlife as much as I did.

A big thank you to Ed for sharing his inspiring and feel good photography and if you would like to explore more of Canada with Ed please see https://www.flickr.com/photos/129992538@N02/

All these images are copyright to Ed Mason