Sea Shells Sanctuary

Walking by the sea is magical, watching the waves rise and and fall and the tide pulling back to the horizon always gives me energy, inspiration and belief in plans for the future. Last week we went to Formby and thanks to a local who we met whilst walking Roma we discovered some interesting facts about it’s history and it’s nature, and of course we met lots of other woofers all crazy about running after balls…and I had the chance to try my new Hauwei phone camera out. (There is a mixture of images both phone and DSLR Nikon).

Many have walked along this shore and footprints have been revealed which trace back to the late Neolithic period (7000 years ago) where the sand has eroded, showing them in the sediment below.   This may be a walk to be done with out Roma some time .

Towards the end of the nineteenth century plans were made to construct a railway alongside Formby beach and a promenade was actually built. The plan was to transform Formby in to a seaside resort with guest houses etc. However the railway never emerged but you can still see the remains of the steps in the sand dunes which went down to the promenade.

We also were introduced to the Devils Hole which was not as sinister as the name sounds. It was in fact a 10 meter deep sand dune which is believed to have been created by a German bomb explosion in the early 1940’s, and looks like a crater.It now is hosts a wide variety of both fauna and flora including different species of butterflies and beatles and 10 different types of wild orchids.

Now back to the future the smell of seaweed, wet dogs and having the freedom just to keep walking and watching those waves. Some of these images are from another rugged beach the West Shore of Llandudno which is just as wonderful.


Keep on Walking

Devils Hole

Fetch Roma

Fetch new friend

Fetch Jerry

Lolly Poppy

A Drift

Sea Erchins (Collected from Formby Shore)







Up and Out in Manchester

I always feel lucky to live less than a twenty minute train ride away from Manchester. It’s such a vibrant resilient city showing the true character of the people after the Manchester Arena terrorist attack.

During the last few weeks I have been mooching about town discovering some lesser known facts about the city, checking out exhibitions, (The legendary Frank Sidebottom collection in Central Library is a must if you were a fan of this comic genius.), catching some live music and trying out new places to eat and drink. I also revisited Corbieres, which in my younger days was always a great place to select tracks off it’s iconic jukebox, after going shopping in the Corn Exchange…..sadly the Corn Exchange no longer exists in its old form, and the jukebox is now CDs not vinyl, but the bar is still cool.

Finally, as it was recently Easter I have to share a photograph of my Easter Egg, which was kindly given to me from one my best mates, Bev. She is an amazing friend and has been so since infant school. The only problem is she has a fantastic memory and can remember all the embarrassing things I did……anyway happy belated Easter and make the most of wherever you live.

This Datum sign marks the old centre of Manchester. It is on the side wall St. Anne’s Church in St. Anne’s Square

The recently added Emmeline Pankhurst statue. who was from Manchester and a significant member of the Suffragettes Movement

This is brilliant, it includes his amusing job applications, City Kippax I.D. etc

“Thank you very very much ”


The mighty Dreadzone. I have seen these many times and they are always excellent

Love The Band On The Wall one of my favourite venues

Rudy’s – A lively atmosphere, gorgeous Neapolitan  pizza and cool decor

Yes please

What would we do without friends? ……look after them and enjoy their company