Paws for Thought

Remember it’s a short week and here is a cutie to start it with. Try to find a positive in everyday…this woofer is one of mine who makes me start the day with a smile. Enjoy and have a good week.

I Can See You

I Can Smell Sausages

I Am Clean

Up and Out in Manchester

I always feel lucky to live less than a twenty minute train ride away from Manchester. It’s such a vibrant resilient city showing the true character of the people after the Manchester Arena terrorist attack.

During the last few weeks I have been mooching about town discovering some lesser known facts about the city, checking out exhibitions, (The legendary Frank Sidebottom collection in Central Library is a must if you were a fan of this comic genius.), catching some live music and trying out new places to eat and drink. I also revisited Corbieres, which in my younger days was always a great place to select tracks off it’s iconic jukebox, after going shopping in the Corn Exchange…..sadly the Corn Exchange no longer exists in its old form, and the jukebox is now CDs not vinyl, but the bar is still cool.

Finally, as it was recently Easter I have to share a photograph of my Easter Egg, which was kindly given to me from one my best mates, Bev. She is an amazing friend and has been so since infant school. The only problem is she has a fantastic memory and can remember all the embarrassing things I did……anyway happy belated Easter and make the most of wherever you live.

This Datum sign marks the old centre of Manchester. It is on the side wall St. Anne’s Church in St. Anne’s Square

The recently added Emmeline Pankhurst statue. who was from Manchester and a significant member of the Suffragettes Movement

This is brilliant, it includes his amusing job applications, City Kippax I.D. etc

“Thank you very very much ”


The mighty Dreadzone. I have seen these many times and they are always excellent

Love The Band On The Wall one of my favourite venues

Rudy’s – A lively atmosphere, gorgeous Neapolitan  pizza and cool decor

Yes please

What would we do without friends? ……look after them and enjoy their company


“Paper Back Writer “

I’m almost at the end of my book and can’t wait to see who the murderer is, but at the same time I don’t want it to end as I’ve enjoyed it so much. No worries though as I can move onto to finding another great book once I get to the end. During the last year in between working, family and photography I have recaptured my love of literature. I feel that having a book to read is an everyday necessity because literature inspires, educates, provides escapism and makes us question issues and keeps the mind active.

I usually buy books from charity shops, or do research and then see if I can order them online from our local library which is brilliant. We should support our libraries as they serve an important role in keeping literature accessible to all. Kindle or book? For me it has to be the book as you can enjoy turning the pages and looking back every so often to see how much you have read, or have left to read which gives you a clue of where you are up to with the plot.

So as I finished two books this week, literature was my inspiration for my photography, but aiming to show them in a creative manner looking at textures, shapes and the development of my ideas. I want to continue experimenting with this theme and will feature it in future posts if my ideas are successful I hope you like them.

This is where I started

Stage two

I then decided to experiment just using one book

I continued folding the pages

This is the last stage….for now, as I have other ideas which I want to experiment with.


Some of my favourite reads so far from the year

The Accordionist  – Fred Vargas

These Dividing Walls – Fran Cooper

I See You – Clare Mackintosh

The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena

The Amazing Story Of The Man Who Cycled From India To Europe For Love – Per J Anderson

The Keeper of Lost Things – Ruth Hogan

Ripley Under Ground – Patricia Highsmith

Also I watched a beautiful documentary called ‘Faces and Places’ which is about the ninety year old French film director Agnes Varda (Whose sight is deteriorating) and JR a thirty five year old Street Artist. They travel around France taking photographs of people from different groups and communities.  This sounds very average but they use a large format camera, which has been installed in their van and then print and paste these large images on to appropriate buildings and landmarks. (Check it out on Netflix )

Have a good week and keep on reading.

Postscript: Since I started writing this post I sadly discovered that Agnes Varda died the other day.

Reasons to be cheerful part three

A week off, time to catch up with family and friends, and walks in the sunshine with Roma. It’s so good to have a week off to reflect, re-charge and be inspired…..time for my camera, start a new book and basically be me.
Towards the end of the week my hair was also recharged with a fresh burst of colour, and for once I actually was going out that evening. This was thanks to my lovely Sister and Brother-in law, as we put the money aside they gave us for Christmas towards a romantic meal. So off we popped  to the Indian Tiffin Room for a tasty meal. Tiffin serves South Indian street style dishes which have very moreish and distinct flavours, (The Dosas are  amazing). After feeling totally stuffed we managed to enjoy a few drinks , chat about  nonsense and new ideas ,in Brezo what a fab night with my soul mate.

On the Sunday we were then ventured through unexpected fog down the M62 to Crosby, (With Roma in tow of course), to see Anthony Gormley’s Another Place, and we saw something else which was a total surprise…….wait until my next post to find out more.




My mum loved daffodils so I always capture these thinking of her and smile



I came across a beautiful Silver Birch tree  in the cemetery near us  and was fascinated by it’s colours and textures .

While focusing upon the different shapes and textures I noticed this gem hidden in the crux of the branches….beautiful


Roma muddy and wet as ever


The first Pussy Willow of the year



So much choice but the staff will guide you if you need it.

Cheers here’s to more weeks like this