Vintage Homes

Not long agoI was fed up of trying to take pretty photographs of nature in the rain and grey skies, and decided instead to have a scoot round the house looking for interesting objects to focus on. It’s amazing what you find that you have forgotten about, and how you can see them in a different light (literally sometimes)……… here they are and roll on Spring !




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And one left over from New Year….








A Wider View of the World – My Flickr page!

When I started this blog I was obsessed with┬átaking close up photos of things that are often overlooked. This led to me┬ábecoming drawn to abstract patterns caused by light, and this in turn started me down the track of playing around with black and white images. If you want a glimpse at at my wider view of the world you can click on to my Flickr page which is…..

Dawn’s Flickr Page!

Here are a few samples, hope you like them.


Torn Roses


In To the Light


Spring has Sprung

61square crop

The Mower

White Light

Series 2 Organic Nexus

Crystal Pine

Series 2 Organic Nexus

I’m still learning and experimenting with this type of effect. These photographs are a recent attempt to capture some of the beautiful and inspiring structures to be found in nature.