Eau De Vie

After those bonkers temperatures along came the rain, with it beauty arrived in the smallest forms and Roma enjoyed a longer walk than normal. Droplets of rain on natural forms fascinate me as they have a sense of magic and always inspire and make me smile, unlike slug trails. Moving on, I hope that you too can find some magic in the below photographs.

Thanks for visiting. Next time garlic…or daleks ?


Sunshine,blue sky and at an abundant floating bubble of frog spawn.These images were taken with a Hauwei 30 mobile as I wanted to quickly capture these abstract images before the sunshine disappeared,( As you know how rapidly Manchester weather can change.)
I was initially intent on capturing the frog spawn but then became aware of how abstract the shots were due to the reflection and bright colours.I hope you enjoy these photos and are to also enjoy sunshine and hopefully the first signs of Spring.

I have just noticed that blue and yellow are the predominant colours in these images ,so lets hope for peace in the Ukraine.

Primavera 1

Primavera 2

Primavera 3


Primavera 5

Waiting For Macro

After a lot of research and speaking to a couple techy camera experts I finally decided to buy the Sigma F2.8 105mm Macro Lens, but then had to wait until August to actually buy one. (Photographers have had macro madness during COVID19 so none in stock ) I have been playing with it for the last week or so trying to suss out the best settings and still learning but here is a few I have taken so far.

Good To See You 1


Lets Dance

Bad Hair Day

Good To See You 2

“Gettin on with it”


In these difficult times it’s still possible to find pleasure in the simplest and smallest of things. Self isolating outside has been easy when taking Roma (our dog) out for her walk, as many people ironically imagine she is a vicious dog, which couldn’t be further from the truth.
These short periods have been great as they have helped me to spend time looking for beautiful gems of nature.

Happy Easter, stay safe and enjoy.











all images copyright Dawn Shallcross


Sea Shells Sanctuary

Walking by the sea is magical, watching the waves rise and and fall and the tide pulling back to the horizon always gives me energy, inspiration and belief in plans for the future. Last week we went to Formby and thanks to a local who we met whilst walking Roma we discovered some interesting facts about it’s history and it’s nature, and of course we met lots of other woofers all crazy about running after balls…and I had the chance to try my new Hauwei phone camera out. (There is a mixture of images both phone and DSLR Nikon).

Many have walked along this shore and footprints have been revealed which trace back to the late Neolithic period (7000 years ago) where the sand has eroded, showing them in the sediment below. https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/formby/projects/beyond-the-formby-footprints   This may be a walk to be done with out Roma some time .

Towards the end of the nineteenth century plans were made to construct a railway alongside Formby beach and a promenade was actually built. The plan was to transform Formby in to a seaside resort with guest houses etc. However the railway never emerged but you can still see the remains of the steps in the sand dunes which went down to the promenade.http://www.formbycivicsociety.org.uk/200912formbybythesea.html

We also were introduced to the Devils Hole which was not as sinister as the name sounds. It was in fact a 10 meter deep sand dune which is believed to have been created by a German bomb explosion in the early 1940’s, and looks like a crater.It now is hosts a wide variety of both fauna and flora including different species of butterflies and beatles and 10 different types of wild orchids. http://www.formbycivicsociety.org.uk/devils_hole_2017.html

Now back to the future the smell of seaweed, wet dogs and having the freedom just to keep walking and watching those waves. Some of these images are from another rugged beach the West Shore of Llandudno which is just as wonderful.


Keep on Walking

Devils Hole

Fetch Roma

Fetch new friend

Fetch Jerry

Lolly Poppy

A Drift

Sea Erchins (Collected from Formby Shore)