Roma by the Sea

Beaches are great places to visit during the Winter months…. less people, and good for the soul. So off we went to Formby beach, (owned by the National Trust and home to lots of red squirrels), with Roma who had never been on a beach, or in the sea.
Roma loves water and will go in every pond or puddle she passes, so this was going to be a fun day.

Yes, she loved it and so did we; crashing waves, a beautiful sky, an abundance of shells washed ashore and a soggy puppy.










I Spy a Beautiful Bearded Theory 2018

Holiday time ……yes back to getting stuck in with my camera and writing some well overdue blog posts. In May I was fortunate to go to the amazing Bearded Theory Musical Festival with great friends, experiencing new exciting bands alongside legends Robert Plant and Jimmy Cliff to name a few.

Not only that but it was mainly sunny and I experimented using my Nikon 50mm lens, which proved to be great for not only portraits but capturing bands on both the the big and small stages. I wasn’t sure which lens to take but decided that the 50mm lens should be okay and it was definitely the lightest option to carry around everywhere.

I had a beautiful Bearded Theory and and managed to capture some wonderful people and amazing bands enjoying themselves……..I hope you like these images and also check out Bearded Theory for yourself next year.

I Want to Ride my Bicycle

Rhino and the Ranters

That Hat

Jimmy Cliff

Light Footed

Lady Cool

Dance Dance

I can Sing a Rainbow

Where did you get that Hat?

Robert Plant

Night Light



Capturing the Moment

This month I am delighted to share with you the photography of Catrin Keary who has been a good  friend of mine for a long long time. Catrin’s work mainly focuses upon people, including family and friends. I love how she skilfully and beautifully  captures everyday simple activities and movement, transforming them into something special. The viewer is also given a glimpse of human emotion and character amidst a carefully coordinated composition.



About the Artist in her own words

“My work is based in capturing movement. My background was founded in design but I have always been fascinated by the people when behind a camera. The camera works as an extension of my eyes to freeze and highlight the moment of our shared experience. The image captures much as about me as it does about the person in front of the camera. I like to think I am holding precious moments up for a longer pleasure.”




Catrin Keary


All these photographs are copyright to Catrin Keary.

A big thanks to Catrin for making the time to share these life affirming images with us,  and I hope you have also been inspired to take more notice and capture the people in your lives.