Good Day Sunday

From icy woodland paths and frozen fields to the centre of Manchester, another enjoyable day. Woodbank Park was much larger than I remembered from my teenage-years and now more interesting. We wondered through footpaths and fields not quite sure where we were heading but Roma didn’t care. Eventually we found our way to the main park bit, and I was drawn to the abstract reflections from the old cafe windows, blue sky and the organic Pollock like images from the tree branches.




In the afternoon by direct contrast, we were in the middle of Manchester and this time on our way to see the amazing photographer Martin Parr’s exhibition at the Manchester Princess Gallery. Martin Parr’s photography features everyday people going about their lives in different settings from all walks of life. The exhibition celebrates working class life, inclusion and diversity in Greater Manchester, from the early 1970’s to last year, and is well worth a visit …..I am definitely going back again .




I was totally inspired and ended up buying a cheap 3 lens kit to attach to my smart phone for convenience when not having my Nikon on me. (You never know when you you will see something that inspires you, that’s why I love my mobile phone)

All this Art and inspiration made us hungry so the very tasty Little Aladdin’s was our next stop.This is a great place to eat , totally Vegan, friendly owner,a varied menu and at a good price. My personal favourite are the three curries rice .(72 High St, Manchester near the Northern Quarter)




A spot of shopping,


…and a broken butter dish (thanks James 😉 )

What a great way to spend a Sunday, and City put the icing on the cake by beating Arsenal




Dandelion Sparklelion

It’s dandelion time again…….love this time of year. These flowers are in abundance with their bright blaze of yellow, which then “magically” turn to seed when you are not looking. They still look just as beautiful if not even more. I am fascinated with the textures and details of these ephemeral beauties and especially after it has rained.

Take a wander and enjoy ………


Wind Swept

Yellow Mellow

Out of Sorts

Shine on Through




All images copyright to dawnmacroart

April Showers

This certainly has been a bizarre April; snow, hail and heavy downpours, ……but beauty can still be found. I am often excited when I see these natural “diamonds ” dancing in the sunlight.



New Rose



After the Rain



Wet Fringe



Crocodile Rock


Vintage Homes

Not long agoI was fed up of trying to take pretty photographs of nature in the rain and grey skies, and decided instead to have a scoot round the house looking for interesting objects to focus on. It’s amazing what you find that you have forgotten about, and how you can see them in a different light (literally sometimes)……… here they are and roll on Spring !




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And one left over from New Year….








Freeze Frame

I waited and waited, but Christmas passed and there was not an icicle to be seen anywhere…except in the deep freeze. It was another case of, “Please don’t throw away my stuff, it’s in the freezer.”.

These photographs show how beautiful flowers can be even after they have lost their colour; they continue to inspire us. The ice in it’s different states adds unique textures and patterns to the image.




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