Sunshine,blue sky and at an abundant floating bubble of frog spawn.These images were taken with a Hauwei 30 mobile as I wanted to quickly capture these abstract images before the sunshine disappeared,( As you know how rapidly Manchester weather can change.)
I was initially intent on capturing the frog spawn but then became aware of how abstract the shots were due to the reflection and bright colours.I hope you enjoy these photos and are to also enjoy sunshine and hopefully the first signs of Spring.

I have just noticed that blue and yellow are the predominant colours in these images ,so lets hope for peace in the Ukraine.

Primavera 1

Primavera 2

Primavera 3


Primavera 5

One ‘ O’ clock Two ‘O’ clock…..

Where has the time gone ? I can’t believe we are in the middle of June and and just a month ago I was capturing the beautiful textures of Dandelions in the sunshine. Those of you who consider this flower to be a weed may change your mind after seeing these images.



Sing a Rainbow


Natural Abseil





Vintage Homes

Not long agoI was fed up of trying to take pretty photographs of nature in the rain and grey skies, and decided instead to have a scoot round the house looking for interesting objects to focus on. It’s amazing what you find that you have forgotten about, and how you can see them in a different light (literally sometimes)……… here they are and roll on Spring !




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And one left over from New Year….








Freeze Frame

I waited and waited, but Christmas passed and there was not an icicle to be seen anywhere…except in the deep freeze. It was another case of, “Please don’t throw away my stuff, it’s in the freezer.”.

These photographs show how beautiful flowers can be even after they have lost their colour; they continue to inspire us. The ice in it’s different states adds unique textures and patterns to the image.




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