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When I started this blog I was obsessed with taking close up photos of things that are often overlooked. This led to me becoming drawn to abstract patterns caused by light, and this in turn started me down the track of playing around with black and white images. If you want a glimpse at at my wider view of the world you can click on to my Flickr page which is…..

Dawn’s Flickr Page!

Here are a few samples, hope you like them.


Torn Roses


In To the Light


Spring has Sprung

61square crop

The Mower

Sit Down

On a recent visit to the Manchester Art Gallery I was attracted to an object in which I saw an example of abstract art. The two photographs I’ve taken of Mathias Bengtsson’s Splice Aluminium Chair try to capture the abstract forms I found so pleasing. Mathias Bengtsson is a Danish furniture designer who creates everyday furniture such as  tables and chairs that look like sculptures.

Slice Aluminium ChairIn an interview I read, he said “I don’t count myself as a product designer.Furniture is just a platform or medium to present my ideas and framework to build from.”. He uses materials ranging from cardboard to aluminium and fibre carbon. Slice Alinium Chair

I hope you like these images as much as I do and go and see the the real “McCoy ” at the Manchester Art Gallery if you get the chance.   Slice Aliminium Chair