Dawn Shallcross –  Aspiring Photographer and Supported Internship Job Coach

I am lucky to have a lovely family which includes an amazing husband, a hardworking daughter ,a funny chatterbox son and a 7 month old German Shepherd.  Most of my time is spent working as a a Job Coach  on a Supported Internship , helping young people with different learning styles to learn different job roles.I help to develop the skills they need which gives them  confidence to work independently, and  ultimately get a  paid job.In my free time Art,watching live music,going for long walks, eating good vegetarian food and travel are my passions.

I love Art in it’s many different forms whether it be paintings,mixed media ,natural beauty but my passion is photography.I live in Greater Manchester, England and originally specialized in photographing  abstract, macro and fine art work, which often was a mish mash of all three.

Most of my initial photographs are of ‘found’ objects, where I try and find the beautiful and unfamiliar in the things we all take for granted. I am fascinated by the patterns, textures and colours of everyday objects, both organic and man-made, and the affects different light sources can have on their appearance.

However I am now enjoying experimenting capturing other genres such as gigs and festivals,landscape,street scenes, everyday observations such as ironies or things that make me laugh. My biggest new inspiration is our recent edition to the family….Roma our GSD puppy who has re awakened my love of natural beauty, in the form of landscapes and reminded me of the simple pleasures of life.

I have redesigned this blog thanks to a big helping hand from  my ” techy savy” and patient husband. This new layout reflects the new directions I am exploring and making it easier for you to dip into what you like.

The International and  perfectly formed Fickr  community of like-minded artists, continue to influence and educate me. They are especially  great at inspiring me when feeling flat and lacking ideas.

January 2019

2019 Focus

This year I aim to devote more of my time taking photographs and developing new skills with my Nikon ds72000. I have had this camera for a couple of years but still feel I haven’t truly tested it’s true potential.

Where you can find my work

The best places to find my work online are;

My blog – https://abstractmacrotractor.wordpress.com/

My Flickr account – https://www.flickr.com/photos/126658034@N07/

Contact / commissions

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  • I have just introduced a new feature to this blog. I want to showcase the work of other Artists who I really like and who inspire me. A lot of these are people I have come across either through Flickr, friends, or the courses I have attended. There is some great talent and work out there and it deserves to be shared and seen…I hope you are inspired too.
  • In the real world I work with students who have various learning disabilities and I have recently started a lunch time photography club. This is proving to be a fantastic experience for all, as it is wonderful to see the students enjoying and developing their  interest in photography. At some point this year I want feature some of their work on here and chat about what projects they have been invo

Where my work has been displayed or published


The wonderful Odd Bar  Northern Quarter Manchester

INDIGO magazine (Social Holistic) – Work featured in August 2015 Launch edition


Healthy Spirit Cafe, Didsbury, Manchester, UK

Cheadle and Marple 6th Form College, Manchester, UK – Three pieces purchased by college for permanent display

Dawn Shallcross


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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks Dawn for sharing all this beautiful Art with us. Looking forward to seeing your new work in 2016

  2. I very much like the new design of your website, Dawn, and I’m thrilled that you have featured some of my shots in it. I’ve so enjoyed looking at all the images you have posted in other features … there’s some wonderfully creative and interesting work there. Keep clicking my friend, and thanks for a your support and encouragement over the years. It is much appreciated.

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