Fritz Goro 1901 -86 the inventor of Macro Photography

Fritz Goro was a German photographer, who spent forty years of his life working for the famous American ‘Life’ photo journal, and is considered the inventor of macro photography. He trained at the Bauhaus School of Sculpture and Design, and initially was a photo journalist for the Munich weekly newspaper. In 1933 he went to America when Hitler came to power .

While working for ‘Life’ he aimed to “make visible the world that lies between the microscope and the naked eye.” Goro was intrigued by scientific subjects and Gerald Piel (former Life science editor) makes the below reference to Goro’s work.

” It was (Goro’s) artistry and ingenuity that made photographs of abstractions, of the big ideas from the genetic code to plate tectonics.”.

Goro photographed many scientific breakthroughs such as the separation of plutonium and uranium isotopes, to make the atomic bomb and the invention of penicillin.

I really like some of Goro’s work as he captures interesting abstract images, from very simple scientific and organic forms. The work shown below demonstrates his attention to form and shape, (see interior and design of a shell) texture, pattern and line.

fitz goro octo

Fitz Goro laserFitz Goro shell


Fitz Goro 1

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  1. Thanks for the information, I didn’t read this before New Oil and Water but think the images are striking and would like to find out more.

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